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I’m Soundar Anbalagan. I’ve 5 years of expertise in .NET and related technologies. The main reason to start this blog is to share what I learned and also for my personal learning. I hope you will find the articles helpful. You can follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub as well.

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Java Equivalent of C# Language features

Soundar AnbalaganAug 3, 20204 min read

I’ve been playing around with C# for more than 2 years. Recently got a chance to explore Java. I didn’t have much idea of Java except that both are quite similar in construct. All I needed to find is the…

Render Razor View(.cshml) to String in .NET Core

Soundar AnbalaganAug 2, 20201 min read

This article is available on my medium account. Please find the link here.

Kickstarting Blogging Journey!

Soundar AnbalaganAug 1, 20201 min read

This is my first post for my tech blog. I always wanted to write. Now the time has come. Mostly I’ll be writing about technologies that I work with, issues that I faced, best practices that I follow, etc., namespace…